Interesting places in Indonesia

Nangro Aceh Darussalam:There is the mosque am most beautiful in Indonesia that is the Great Baiturrahman mosque that has 5 turrets, Sabang has the busy port.In Sabang have the Island of the Laot Lake that is very beautiful and have the Island Marine Park Rubiah.

At the Lhokseumawe area has the international village because of in the place am the industrial region that his inhabitants the outsider's majority negeri. The condition it like in developed countries. The Leuser Mountain national park that is this current is still having the Sumatran Tiger that is the animal that in protect by the government of the Indonesian Country.

Nort Sumatra:
In Medan have a Lake that really terkenalyaitu the Lake Toba. This object tourism his air is very cool and in the middle has a Island that is named the Samosir Island so as can pull turist.

In Medan have the Maimun Palace and the Great Medan mosque that are very beautiful to in visit.In the Gate Hill, Bohorok has monkey children/the orang-utan that in train after that in return to his original habitat. In the Nias Island with his capital of Gunung Sitoli have the performance of the person jump over the stone that the height reach 2 metre.

West Sumatra:In the Padang City have the Adityawarman Museum that often keeps the historic collection of objects.In BukitTinggi is gotten the Gadang Hour, the Fort Fortress deh kock whichever the fortress is second-hand the legacy of the Dutch colonisation time during 1825 and in use to keep the people's opposition that in lead by Mr I the Priest the Protruberance.

Selapan is Goa Japan and Goa this am made by the Japanese troops in the World War II.Goa this have high 2 metre and the length more than 100 metre and have the room separti rooms and his door in part have the Sianok Gorge that sagat steep but very very beautiful.

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